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About Us

"A one man's vision"

ACE Studios Ltd was founded by Shamiur Rahman in 2014 as a design and artist animation company with the objective of sketching and drawing random things just for fun using an ordinary ballpoint pen and a blank piece of white A4 paper. His portfolio consists of sketches and drawings of still life objects, cars, aircrafts, landscapes and landmarks to animals and creatures to children's television and storybook and video games characters.


Since then the company has gradually evolved under the leadership and guidance of Shamiur where we are able to provide a variety of services from simple graphics designs to complex 2D technical drawings. Such drawings can then be taken a step further by modelling it in 3D and giving customers the complete experience of visualising their conceptual design in a 3D computational format. Regardless of whether the conceptual design is sketched by hand using a pen or a pencil; graphically designed using a drawing package, or modelled from a 2D technical drawing to 3D using a number of vector based design software. We will always strive to create, produce and provide high quality design work to all our customers, ensuring their design specifications are fulfilled.

We believe the best designs are ones where time is spent efficiently and productively at the initial stages of the design process by doing thorough background preliminary research work using various resources and applying an iterative approach. This helps to ensure we can continue in producing and delivering high quality designs to our loyal customers. Having a great reputation, continuous interaction and a strong professional relationship with our customers will help us in providing them with the best designs.

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