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Vector Design

Although our designs are based on the three core principles of 'Design, Develop and Create.  The Design Team at ACE Studios use a number of vector software to design in 2 and 3 dimensional.

The design process from start to finish consists of the following stages:

Stage 1: Empathy - Understanding the problem they are trying to solve by critical thinking and analysis. This involves carrying out preliminary research work so that an optimal and feasible solution can be provided to our clients;

Stage 2: Define - Stating the clients' needs and requirements by identifying the core problems;

Stage 3: Brainstorming Ideas - Challenging assumptions and creating ideas. The preliminary background research work from Stages 1 and 2 enables us to think laterally and view the problem from a different perspective. This in turn leads to identifying and brainstorming innovative ideas;

Stage 4: Prototype - The beginning of creating feasible solutions to the problem and is regarded as an experimental phase. Providing clients with either 2D technical vector drawings or a 3D computational visualisation;

Stage 5: Review - Rigorously reviewing the clients' design criteria and specifications and ensuring their needs and requirements are met. Depending on the complexity of the problem, the team may often use their results to redefine one or more problems. Therefore they can revisit previous stages to make further iterations, alterations and refinements. Allowing the team to eliminate any alternative solutions.


2D Drawings

Creating and editing 2D technical drawings, as well as annotating designs. The use of computer aided design software can range from developing 2D floor plans; building permit drawings; building inspection plans and landscaping to product design. The list of examples is non-exhaustive.

3D Design

Modelling a product in three-dimension using 2D orthographic technical drawings, which uses just the x and y axis co-ordinate system. 

3D modelling adds a third dimension, which would be the z-axis. This gives clients the ultimate experience of what their product design would look like in 3D.

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